There’s nothing more adorable than these cute little chairs!

The young girls who were with us were so excited to have these at camp.  When everything else is brown and dirty, these vibrant, pink chairs were spotlights next to the fire.  They loved sitting them and they gave them their own places to sit and rest.

The print on the back comes several different ways.  We had one with the Disney Princesses and another with Tinkerbell.  The printing was done well to last through the elements outside.  By the end of the trip the graphic was in perfect shape.  We’ve had these chairs in the heat for the last several years and they have not peeled as of yet.  The picture is very readable and in good condition.

I liked that each chair comes with its own carry case.  Once the chair is folded, you slip it into a tube shape case with a shoulder strap attached to it.  It was so easy to carry and move around.  It was so light that the kids could move and tote their chairs!  This was very helpful as we had a lot to do when setting up and taking down camp.  It made things easier for us.  It also made it easier for stowing away.  Having it in a bag like that keeps everything nice and neat.

One of the downsides to these chairs is that they can be a little tippy.  Be sure to have them on stable ground because the girls tipped out of them a couple of times as they were leaning over.  This could be dangerous by a fire so be super cautious as to where they are placed.

We also had a problem with one of the screws that screwed into the back of the chair.  One of them fell out and the inside was stripped so we had to find a bigger screw to fit into it in order to fix it.  We were lucky to have a bigger screw otherwise the chair would have stayed broken for the entire trip.

By oadmin