We for sure thought we were done, but life had a little surprise for us. We had gotten rid of everything from our last child so we needed it all. Still not sure what I was really wanting I saw the Graco Pack n Play Snuggle Suite LX on sale on Amazon. Great price and it came with a ton of stuff. Awesome, less stuff for me to worry about buying. We were able to pick up the Graco Pack n Play for around $180. It came with the play yard (obviously), a portable infant seat (I will get into this more), changing station, and storage organizer. All this stuff for that great price.

General assembly for this Pack n Play was not fun. It is definitely a 2-person job. The instructions were horrible. Just photos, which were very hard to interpret the actual pieces, and general instructions (i.e. insert this into this and click…huh?) The actual play yard is sturdy and good quality. The light and music attachment is horrible. The light is extremely dull and the music is hard to hear. Needless to say we will not be using this part.

Now lets get to the nitty gritty….. They portable infant seat is just a bouncer. I never really used these with my other kids so this was just an added bonus for me. It does have a vibrating mechanism on the bottom but only seems to vibrate the feet and is not very strong, and it was not easy to put the cover on at all. I just hope I will never need to wash the cover. Graco says that the bouncer can hold up to 18 pounds. Ok, I can see that, but the vibration system wont work.

The diaper changing station is good for when they are first born but not very sturdy shortly there after. The manufacture says up to 30 pounds, I would say more like 10-15.

The storage organizer is meh. It is constantly falling off the side and does not hold that much.

All in all it is an OK product. For the price of just the pack n play I would probably buy again. I just would not use all the other stuff.