A friend, who is a camping fanatic, recommended this product to us.  He told us how awesome it was for his tent.  We knew it was a good product only because he said so.

This is a product that you apply to the seams of your tent to make them waterproof: keeping out rainwater from inside the tent.  This is the same idea of caulking a bathtub, where you cover a weak spot with goo to protect it from damaging elements.   It was awesome as we experienced a rainstorm while we were camping last year.  No water came into the tent and all of our supplies, clothes, and sleeping items stayed dry.  There is nothing worse than being wet and cold while camping!  This product saved us from camping misery!

Applying the product is easy.  The package gives good directions on how to do it.  You simply go over ever seam and allow it to dry.  We found that one bottle did not do a large tent.  We actually needed several bottles to finish.  It was easy to see where it had already been applied so that made things go faster.  It comes with a brush underneath the cap.  That was so nice and useful.  I appreciate not having to find other tools when doing stuff like this.  It dries clear and somewhat fast.

As easy as it is to apply, I would recommend doing this before you leave for your trip.  Set up your tent a couple of days before, put on the seam grip, let it dry, and then pack it up.  This will save you in the event that it is already raining when you get there.

I would also recommend wearing gloves while applying because if the tube breaks and the goo leaks onto your hands, it is very sticky and difficult to remove from your skin.

All in all, I love this product.  I keep it handy in my toolbox in case I could use it for other things like hiking packs or outdoor canopies.  This is a great buy!