Every past camping trip of ours have memories of my family and I sitting in our camping chairs, trying to balance our plates of food, drinks, all while trying to make sure everyone is safe around the fire.  We never minded this too much because we grew to expect it, but while we were picking up some other camping items we saw this set up.  At first glance, it was easy for us to pass it by and think that we didn’t need it.  After we talked about it, we realized it might be really nice to have.  So we bought it and we hauled to our campground.

There is a handle that is attached to the frame; which made it easy to carry.  The box says it is lightweight.  Although most people would be able to carry it, I think that it would be difficult to haul over a long distance.

Coleman did a good job with its compact design.  It folds up pretty nicely and it is not difficult to figure it out without the instructions.  It easily fits into the back of my small sedan but we usually put it in the back of the truck.  If you needed to, you could also put it in the back seat of a car and it would fit there nicely too.

The frame is durable and seems to be made of a sturdy metal.  So long as you have it on even ground it doesn’t wobble.  We were able to set 4 people on it, but that was 2 adults and 2 kids.  It was just enough room.  I think that 4 good-sized adults would be uncomfortable at the table but maybe it would be ok for a short time period:  definitely not a table for everyone to sit at and play a long game.

Besides the size, I think this table was great for camping.  I don’t think that it would be worth bringing and setting up if you are staying for just one night, but I would recommend it for longer camping trips where many meals will be eaten outdoors.