I have always wanted to try out floorball, as it is a go to alternative for ice hockey training while off the ice. I had heard that XORO is the go to brand for sticks, and I can see why. Out of the box this this is already set to go, with the shaft pre taped and everything coming in one piece. You can get a pack of floorballs for very cheap, and while they are the best to use I found you can use a wiffle ball or tennis ball just as good for trick purposes. I have only used this stick for stickhandling and tricks, never in a competitive floorball game, so I’m not sure on how it would hold up. However if you are just using this casually, it will last you years. I’ve had mine for about 3 years now and it is still good as new. While the training is not completely identical to ice hockey stickhandling, I still feel that it is better than nothing. I highly recommend.