I was recently on the look for a new visor, as I recently switched from a cage. I had really high hopes for this as I’ve heard great things about all visors by CCM. It does have pretty good clarity, along with its enhanced vision for sure. When it is in perfect condition right out of the package, it’s an amazing visor.
However thats where all the good things come to an end. The so called “Scratch Resistance” and “Fog Free” features are hardly a thing. I took a very light stick to the visor day one and and it scratched way too easy. I also couldn’t see the best due to the fogging up which for a visor takes a lot of work. I have heard the Oakley visors are better, so I will probably try that one out next but they are hard to find evidently. This one is better than ones I have tried in the past but technology need to catch up