West Coast Elite Hockey has been around for several years now, primarily taking place in Arizona to give these players exposure they usually would not come across compared to other states. The structure of the camp involved off ice training, on ice drills, and finally scrimmages between assigned teams. All while these are taking place, several scouts from teams of different levels (college, juniors, etc.) were in the stands taking note, occasionally approaching players with offers. I believe that the drills and training were top of the line, especially with the high skill level of a majority of the players being AAA or higher. My son definitely has improved his skills once the camp concluded.

My main complaint is they market this to every skill level of player, when in reality it’s designed for higher level players. My son being in AA made him stick out amongst all the other higher levels, negatively affecting his confidence. However this isn’t terrible as the higher level players pushed him harder to catch up, in which coaches took notice. While we walked away from the camp with no offers, I still feel that this camp was highly beneficial and I recommend this to any youth hockey players looking for more exposure.