This posture corrector has its ups and downs. Some good things about it is that it works well and isn’t extremely uncomfortable. It doesn’t tug at your shoulders to the point where they’re hurting and it fits well around the waist. It is also adjustable so it makes it easy to fit to your particular size and for your comfort. It does get annoying because of its bulky fit and it isn’t discrete. I for one am insecure about having this one and it makes me very uncomfortable that people can obviously tell that i am wearing it. I don’t like going out in public with it on so that definitely defeats the whole purpose of this medical tool. Even though there are smaller and more discreet ones, I had only bought this particular one because it was recommended to me by a friend. I knew that I wasn’t going to love it but I decided to take a chance. It was worth the shot but i regret it a lot. There are better options out there. I will hopefully find one that is smaller and can fit under my clothes so that no one can tell that i am wearing it. Hopefully then i will be able to wear it with confidence and fix my posture that is so horrible.