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Calvert Homeschool Third Grade Program Review


So I’m back to review another year of this terrific program.


Good news is we all made it out of the first year alive...yea!


As with each year I get over worried about how the school year will go. I don’t know why, the fabulous people over at Calvert make it easy.


So far, this year we are enjoying it way more than the last. I don’t know if it is because we worked out the kinks, or know what to expect, or because I am so excited about the stuff we are doing this year.


Second grade was a little hard. We were learning how to do the whole home school gig. Even though I love the second grade program. It was a bit dry…. especially compared to third grade. This year we get to learn about the Greek gods, get into a bit of American history, learn super cool science stuff and challenge out brains with critical thinking and multiplication/division in math (gulp).


This year they have to keep a journal or diary. I think this is great for them. Gives them something they can look back on not only at the end of the school year to see how far they have come; but also as they get older.


Once again another fantastic program from Calvert Homeschool.

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