About Us

Optimized Reviews is a group of families out of Arizona that were tired of reading biased or bad reviews. Most reviews out there are 1 of 3 things:

  1. Paid or promoted especially these days with influencers. They literally get the products for free in exchange for a good review and/or paid
  2. From a few upset bias customers. Nothing makes us more upset when you are trying to see if a product is good or not and there are few reviews from people that had nothing better to do than to rant and rave. Even some of the best products out there have these people.
  3. Fake or written by employees of the company selling the product or in many cases outsourced over seas. For example there are companies that do nothing but write up thousands of good reviews for amazon products. Amazon has been doing a good job eliminating these but it’s hard to get them all.

We got tired of it and wanted to see real reviews written by everyday families actually using products they bought with their own money that make sense.

At Optimized Reviews we are not compensated or rewarded in any way other than by the few ads you may see on the page.

Unbiased – We try to give you both the pros and cons of each product even if it is a horrible product and even recommend other products that have higher ratings

Real Reviews – All of these reviews are real and range from everything to a vacation exhibit to a $10 pen on Amazon.

Please enjoy our reviews from our families to yours.