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OrigAudio Rock It Portable Speaker Review


This is so fun, portable, and great to have around!  We were planning a party in the backyard and were looking into buying a speaker system for the music, but when a friend told me about Rock-it we were excited to buy it instead.  At the store, I was taken back when the clerk showed me the product.  It was small, light, and hardly seemed like it was going to do anything.  In good faith, we bought it anyway.  I couldn’t believe how loud the music could get once we attached it to a large cardboard box.  The sound carried, even across the house where our friends came out to see where the music was coming from.   It was very impressive and did a great job while the party was happening.

Its awesome that it is battery operated!  The two triple A batteries keep it light and easy to carry.  It also carries well because it is small and easily portable in a purse, backpack, coat pocket, or laptop case.  It is so much easier to carry than the old school boom boxes on the shoulders!  It is a fun and cool way to bring music to a gathering. 

As a fair critique, I did not like that as we raised the volume, the sound quality lowered.  The music became diluted and static got louder.  I know some people did not like this about it but it didn’t sway our opinion of it.  Everyone in our party loved the concept so much that they didn’t expect a hi-resolution sound anyway.  It was only a light-hearted gadget that added to the party atmosphere.  It was fun to talk about and experiment with

One other little thing I didn’t like is that it comes with stickers for the bottom of the unit to attach to the speaker: they didn’t last long and I ran out quicker than what I would have wanted.  I had to buy my own so that I could stick it onto more objects.

This has been so fun to have.  I know the sound quality isn’t perfect but such a fun alternative to a professional sound system.

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