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Chealsy Edwards

Allen Roth Barbridge Rug Review


Stay as far away from this as you can! This rug is horrible! It Sheds SO much. Even after almost a year of having it, it continues to shed. I have found threads from this rug everywhere.  The white in the rug is long gone. And it wears easily in even the lightest of traffic areas. I so wish I could get another rug, but with as much as we paid for it (almost $300), I just cant justify it right now. 

What attracted me to it initially was the look and feel of the rug. In the store it is soft and plush. The first day....soft and plush. This lasted for about a week. I also liked the size. We have a fairly large area we needed to cover and at 8x10 this was perfect.

My recommendation, Keep looking!


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Allen Roth Barbridge Rug

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