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Master Stafford Therma Top Massage Table Review


This is a professional massage table that is comfortable, easy to set up, and is portable.

I have always enjoyed massages, so this was a great idea for me to have at my house.  I have used it a couple of times and much appreciate it.  I am able to better relax on it because of the nice padding the company uses.  It supports my body weight without feeling too hard.  I like the leather they used for it also.  The leather doesn’t stick to my body and it is soft to the touch.  The length of the table can accommodate many different body shapes.  It has ample foot room in length.  It also has decent width.

It comes in three pieces; the table, the face support, and the armrest.  It simply unfolds from a sandwich position.  Pop the legs out and then lift the table off its side onto its legs.

One of its unusual features is that it can provide heat.  There are 9 heat settings.  They work really well.  Sometimes when I have had it at 9 I haven’t gotten too hot.  The cord it comes with is shorter than what I need so I have an extension cord to plug into the wall.

The face cradle is adjustable and is one of my favorite features.  Being able to adjust the position of my face allows my massage to be much more relaxing.

It also comes with an arm hammock to rest my arms.

The table also folds neatly into a black carry case.  The case is large at about 3 feet by 3 feet.  I was worried that it would get in the way in my small house but I tucked it into a nice little corner and it stores well.  The case also has a storage pocket and shoulder straps for transporting.

I bought this from Costco online for $249.99.  This is a great quality table for the price. 

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