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Ikea Alex Drawer Unit Review



I really wanted this drawer unit to work. It looked neat and tidy, had casters for convenient rolling, and had many drawers for a smaller chest.  Unfortunately, this unit did not last.  

Going to buy it at the Ikea store is an event in itself.  If you absolutely insist on buying this, even after my review of it, consider ordering it online.  The pieces are all in one box and there are many so the box weighs a ton!  I could barely get it into my car.  

Setting it up was a pain.  The directions were clear and easy to follow but it took a long time!  If I was to pay myself for the time I spent assembling this chest, I would've been able to buy a unit better in quality and already put together.  Several hours were required to get everything together.  And, even though I used all my strength in screwing everything in, it still wasn't as sturdy as I would've liked.

Once put together, it rolled nicely and with ease.  I was satisfied with that since I planned on moving it within my home. 

But, it was not well built at all.  The bottom of each drawer had a piece of particleboard that started to bow within just a couple of months of owning it.  Once the bottom board misshaped, it also bent out of its supporting ledges so that the piece was completely coming apart from the sides of the drawer.  In addition to that, the back of the drawer cracked down the center until one day it split completely through making it not even repairable.  This happened to three drawers at once.  Start to finish, this chest of drawers only lasted two years.  

There is one thing I loved about it.  This chest held and organized a good amount of items.  It is spacious and provided storage for everything I needed.

I paid $119 for it.  I think this is too high for what it is.  It didn’t last long and it began to fall apart early on in its life.  Even though I liked the style and it went well with my other furnishings, I still do not like it.  I will never buy another Ikea drawer unit.  It is overpriced and I need something that lasts.

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Ikea Alex Drawer Unit Review

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