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Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress Review


The Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress is a newly developed and innovative sleep system in the mattress industry.  Far superior to the traditional coil mattresses, the Spartan has three levels of firmness and materials that allow you to achieve the most comfortable positions for your individual sleeping positions.

It has a patented TitanCool surface that supports the body as it  maintains and regulates it's temperature; preventing too much heat to accumulate while sleeping.  In my previous mattresses, I would often be freezing while getting inside the covers and would have to wait before feeling warm agains the cold sheets. But with the Spartan, the mattress is perfectly cool to the touch, and I don't wake up to the feeling of being too hot and having to throw blankets off!  This technology works!  If you prefer colder air, take note the Brooklyn Bedding offers an Aurora mattress that comes with cooling technology that stay cool all night no matter how long you have been laying on it!  Perfect for warm bodies who like colder environments.

This product has a ten year warranty and is delivered in a vaccum sucked box, which can fit inside of a small car.  Although I had mine delivered, you can easily pick it up at the store with how densly they have packed it.  It was helpfu for me to know that even though the mattress was really compact when I took it out of the box, that within a couple of hours, it was fully inflated and ready to use.

I high recommend this mattress!  I have had some of my best nights of sleep since purchasing. I have heard that it takes a couple of weeks to get used to this new mattress, but I had no trouble with acclamating to it.  Comfortable, temperature regulating, and easy transportation are my favorite perks to this new sleeping system.

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