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Bar Keepers Friend Review


I use this stuff for almost anything.  I first bought it to clean my toilets, then I started to hear how people use it for other purposes.

Did you know that you can use it on pots?  I removed the stuck on cooking residue from the sides and bottoms off all my pans.  I also used it on the outside and got off the burn marks from the stove.  It took a little elbow grease, but when I finished scrubbing the pots they looked brand new!  They shined and had a pretty silver glare to them. 

The other day I used it on my glass shower walls.  This worked wonders on them!  They had many years build up of lime and hard water stains on the glass.  I applied this with a steel scrubber and scrubbed.  Nothing seemed to come off at first.  So, I concentrated the cleaner into a paste.  I applied the paste to the scrubber and off came the residue.  I never saw something like this work so well. 

I tried it on my cultured marble countertops in my bathroom but I do not recommend this.  I could tell that it was too abrasive because in light I can see rounded scratch marks.  It is nothing obvious but I think it would not be a good regular cleaner for them.

I also used it to clean my stainless steel sink, that was so much fun!  I also applied it with a steel scrubber.  I loved the subtle gleam it left after rinsing it with water.  Not only were the hard water spots gone, it also removed stuck on dirt and grime from food that builds up over time.

The best thing about this powder is that it makes my house feel so much cleaner.  Just by scrubbing the shower and kitchen sink, I feel as though everything else is clean also.

I love this cleaner so much that I buy them in multiples; one for each bathroom, one for the kitchen, and a couple for when I run out.  It is so universal that it becomes handy at unexpected times.  For instance, I had rust on my craft scissors and this was the perfect remedy for it. 

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