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Doterra Aroma Ace Diffuser Review


I have professed my love for essential oils previously, so when I received this diffuser I as elated.


I had Doterra’s previous Lotus diffuser, but this one is hands down better. I don’t have to worry about making sure there is water in it, or cleaning out the previous oil.  And you use the oil neat, no diluting it with water.


The Aroma Ace diffuser is a-maze-ing! You simply select your oil pop it onto the attachment and customize your settings. That’s it.


I love to use On Guard year round.


The best part of this diffuser is that you can customize how much comes out, how long the diffuser runs and how long it is off.  During the winter and first part of fall I let it run all day.


It is a little pricy, around $180, but worth it. I do not have to buy any air fresheners. When the house starts to smell a little iffy, I just switch it on.


Great for when someone is sick. Just a little On Guard (you get a free bottle with purchase of this diffuser) or breath and the next day they are feeling better.

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