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Yudu Review


Don’t waste your money!


I purchased this as something for my kids and I to do during the summer.


What a waste. Puffy paint and iron-ons are a much better way to spend money.


I like to think that I can learn new things easily but, I just could not seem to get the expensive emulsion to stick to the screen. And what does end up sticking…STICKS and will not come off!


Even the one time we were able to get a general basic shape to stick and were able to move on to the next step of applying the paint, the paint bleed thru and did not stay with in the confines of the shape.


The company was NO help when it comes to customer service. They just tell you to do the same thing the instructions say.


They give you the classic…”Well is it plugged in?”…..Duh, I know not to call and waste my time if that is my problem.


Save your self the agony and money. Don’t buy this.

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