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Food for Health 200 Supply Bucket Review


The other day while roaming Costco, I spied the Food for Health 200 Serving Food Supply. Now I believe that you can never be to prepared. You never know what each day will bring. So into the cart it went.


I was a bit skeptical about getting it because it is dried food not freeze dried like the Daily Bread stuff. So it will take longer to cook.


It comes with 40 pouches of food that sounded very tasty. Meals such as Tuscan Butter Noodles, Cheesy Broccoli Rice and Creamy Potato Soup just to name a few.


When I got home I broke open the bucket it comes in so that I can try one. And I must say, they aren’t too bad. Not something I would eat on a daily basis, but in an emergency situation they would hit the spot.  


I do like the Daily Bread food a lot better though.


It was about $50 at Costco and it has 200 servings.


The shelf life is 20 years. So it is something I can stick in the back of the closet and not have to think about. I know that my family will at least have food.

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