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Aveeno Nourish and Strengthen Review


Of all the shampoos and conditioners available, is there one at a good price that does a good job?  This is the one that I found to do both. 

I picked it up at a grocery store for less than $8 a bottle.  The bottles are decently sized at 10.5 fluid ounces.  The bottle lasted me for over two months, which is quite good compared to other products I have been using.  I also like the shape of the bottle.  My hands are comparatively small, and this bottle seemed to be slender and easy to hold and squeeze.  I like that because of its thinness, it was easier to store in my shower caddy.

The product promises to strengthen and nourish the hair.  After the first two weeks I noticed a difference in the health of my hair.  It was stronger, as promised.  When I would run my hand over my scalp I could tell that my hair felt better, smoother, and healthier. I could also feel that my scalp was clean, non-greasy, and also very healthy.  I was a little surprised that the product was able to do as it advertised.  So many hair products in this price bracket not only fail at their claimed tasks, but also make hair worse with overbearing chemicals and buildup.  I think both the shampoo and conditioner did a great job at repairing my hair and making it look better.

We all love hair products that do a great job, but it is a bonus if they can smell good  The smells of the shampoo and conditioner are calming and refreshing.  I know many people can’t stand products that overwhelm you with perfumey and tropical scents.  This one is not fruity or chemically. It is light and refreshing, like nice hand soap.  It is really enjoyable and I find that it fills the bathroom air for a short time and then fades away.

Because the price, the performance, and the smell are really good, I like this product.  The one thing I don’t like about it is that the conditioner doesn’t seem to keep my hair smooth while it is wet.  I like conditioners to feel like they keep my hair soft while I brush it.  This one does not do that.  I find that after I rinse, my hair is softer, but just not enough.  It is almost there, but not quite.

This gets a good grade for doing a good job.

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