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Earth First Facial Tissue Review



It is common to find recycled materials in a lot of products on the market today.  I have always believed in reusing items or repurposing things in order to save money or resources, but this tissue was a horrible execution of that.

This tissue is 100% from recycled paper and from up to 80% post consumer waste.  Their website also says that this entire line of products doesn't use chlorine for whitening and it meets or exceeds current EPA standards.  85 tissues come in a box and each tissue is 2 ply.  It was selling at a reasonable $.99 per box.  It was on sale so I was happy to pay less to try a new product. 

The tissue came in a standard sized box.  The box was easy to open and one tissue came out easily and in order.  Some tissue I had in the past can get clogged in the opening but I didn’t have any problem with that.

However, the tissue was not worth the money. It felt rough and almost itchy to the touch.  On the nose, it was even more so.  It also didn't hold together very well.  Each tissue seemed thin and easily tore. When I used it for my nose I would almost always grab two tissues because one could not get the job done.  It would tear too easily.  We went through one tissue box much quicker than normal.  Also, because it is rougher than I prefer, I wouldn’t want to use it if I was sick with a cold or anything that caused a runny nose because using this tissue over a long period of time would irritate that area.  

The design on the box is a fall leaf theme.  I don’t care much for it.  It is an eyesore and doesn’t blend in with anything else.  I like tissue boxes to be discreet and unless I’m going to store this on the outside patio table I don’t think it’ll work.

I would not buy this product again.  I would consider purchasing something else from this product line but when it comes to facial tissue, it can cause too much discomfort.

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