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Umberto Moisturizing Shampoo Review



I bought this at Target while browsing the designer hair brands, which have popped up lately.  Sitting next to Bumble and Bumble on one side and Fekkai on the other, I thought this one was in good company so it must be just as good.  It was cheaper than those high-end shampoos so I was curious as to how it would do.

I like that it made my hair feel clean after rinsing. My scalp, overtime, has stayed healthy, which I am pleased about because some shampoos seems to create a build up.  I feel like it fully rinses out and doesn’t leave any residue.  Unfortunately, to get a good lather I had to apply a lot of the shampoo to my hair.  The first time I used it, I had to go back for more several times before my hair was thoroughly covered. Squeezing so much out of a 12 oz. bottle doesn't last for very long and I ended up needing to buy another bottle sooner than expected.

Among it feeling clean, it did a nice job with making my hair healthier.  It seems less frizzy and shinier that before.   Additionally, the other family members in my house have used it as well and they have had similar experiences.

The packaging looked nice and the diameter of the bottle is easy to hold for someone like me who has smaller hands.

In reading other reviews, people have felt the same disappointment with this product.  It seems that this product was reformulated or had slightly changed since the beginning so I’m thinking I got the latter version.

Overall, I like this shampoo but don't love it.  I feel like it is a cheap version of the real thing but it wasn’t executed well enough.  I wish it would be more concentrated or more ounces in the bottle at the same price.  It smells okay; not horribly bad but also not delectable.  It does a really good job cleaning, but takes too much shampoo to perform well.  It is middle of the road for me.  I'll move on and find something better.

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