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Heather Moore

Oster Convection Oven with Pizza Drawer Review


This amazing countertop Convection Oven is just that, amazing. Recently this saved our sanity during a kitchen remodel. We were tired of takeout but had no working appliances in our house. Then we took out this bad boy and voila, finally fresh home made food. When we did the remodel we decided not to put in a microwave. This devastated the teens of the house. How were they going to reheat their pizza?????? Break out the Oster Convection oven and presto just like when they ordered it. 

This little guy can bake, broil, toast and more.  Specially-designed pizza drawer is ideal for preparing a variety of foods such as pizzas up to 12”, bruschetta and quesadillas. The top oven features turbo convection baking technology to cook faster and brown food more evenly for perfect results. The 60-minute signal timer alerts you when your food is done and shuts down the machine.


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