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Kenmore Elite 360-degree Dishwasher Review



I love this dishwasher. It actually cleans the dishes, which is more than I can say for my last dishwasher (a Jennair).


This Kenmore Elite has their new 360-degree PowerWash ™ system that blasts the dishes for every angle possible to deeply clean every dish.


I couldn’t believe how quite this dishwasher is. Every now and then I would have to open it just to make sure it was on. Which brings me to the only down fall of this washer. If you open it while a cycle is running you have to remember to press the start button again to continue the cycle. Kind of a pain.


I love the stainless interior tub and hidden controls. No accidently bumping into the controls and starting it or interrupting a cycle.


I was surprised by the amount of dishes I was able to get into it. What would typically be 2 loads in my previous dishwasher was only one load.


For about $1000 it is on the pricier side but well worth it. I have not once had to re-run a cycle to get my dishes clean.        


I highly recommend this dishwasher.

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