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Breville Pie Maker Review



It is no secret in my family that I am a HUGE pie fan. Savory or sweet I love it all. So when I saw this in the store I knew it had to be mine. The hubby was a bit skeptical. He didn’t think we made enough pie to justify the purchase. Bah hum bug I said to him. Then gave him a kiss because he had the credit card.


Sometimes in my family I am the only one that wants some pie. I don’t want to make a whole pie just for me; so this is perfect for a personal pie. Also, if I did make a whole regular size pie, I would HAVE to eat it all. I’m pretty sure there is a law somewhere that says you HAVE to.  So in that regard this is also terrific for portion control.



I use the pre-made pie crusts (helps the pie get in my belly faster). There is a secret to it though…roll the bottom, and top if using it, of the pre-made crust a bit thinner. This will ensure an even, full cook of the delicious little treats you are cooking up.



Nommm Nomm Nomm….fabulous-ness. (I’m sure that is a word somewhere)

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