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Dirt Devil Breeze Bagged Upright Vacuum Review


This is the cheapest vacuum available at our nearby store.  I bought it thinking that it would hold me over until my other vacuum got fixed (which would take about six weeks).

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because it was temporary after all.  However, this cheap version was just about useless.  It barely could clean my carpet.  It didn’t suck well at all.  When I first started to use it I wandered if it was on at all because the suction was so poor. It hardly sucked crumbs off the carpet and it left dust on the hard floors. 

The attachments were also difficult to remove and replace on the vacuum.  I felt like I could never put them back correctly because they seemed to fall off while vacuuming. 

It is really light and felt like poor quality.  It was bulky and taller than I like.

I’m not sure what else could be bad about a vacuum.  There isn’t much that I like about it.  I can’t be surprised at how it performed because it was the least expensive of all the choices I had, but I actually thought it would have done a better job than it did.

I was so excited when my other vacuum was finished being repaired.  I picked it up from the repair store just as soon as they were finished with it. My house was in dire need of a good vacuuming!  As soon as my old one came through the door, the new one went to the garage in a pile for Goodwill.

My advice is to spend a little bit more money and get something that would actually clean.  This one does not clean anything.


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