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Hoover Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum Review


Right off the bat, this vacuum is awesome!  This is the best one I have ever had!  There are so many reasons for this, but the most important ones will be in this article.

On first use, I immediately noticed the suction power. I have hardwood floors, so I put it on the hard floor setting.  As I pushed the vacuum along baseboard edges and doors, I saw that it would suck up the dirt and crumbs that laid underneath them as well as anything that was a little on the outside.  Usually I had to use the hose attachment to catch the leftovers along the perimeter of the room, but this vacuum was so powerful that I no longer needed to do that.

The suction power is awesome on carpet also.  We have several wool rugs through out the house.  When this vacuum is finished with them, the rugs looked brushed and even a little fluffier.

The cord that comes with it is nice and long.  I have a 1900 square foot house and I only have to unplug it once when vacuuming the entire space.

Another feature that saved me a ton of time was that the nose of the vacuum fits underneath kitchen cabinets.  I can push it all the way against the cabinets and it gets everything out.  With my vacuums in the past, I had to use the hose attachment to get the nooks and crannies in the kitchen but this vacuum did it without having to get the attachment out. Awesome!

There is one design flaw that bothers me quite often.  The hose from the vacuum easily detaches from the interchangeable attachments.  I’m not sure why they made it like this, but the hose will sometimes spring out of the attachment that I am holding and completely disconnect.  This is annoying with cleaning under furniture because I am usually kneeling or bent over and getting up to fix this over and over again gets on my nerves.

The hose connection is minor as compared to what this vacuum does for cleaning.  On top of that, Hoover provides one of the best warranties of any of my other appliances.  Our first vacuum stopped sucking up after 2 years.  It comes with a 5 year warranty, so we called Hoover and they told us to give it to a nearby certified repair shop.  It was replaced, no questions asked!  Amazing!

I love this vacuum.  It made my house cleaner, and it did it better and faster than any other vacuum I’ve had.

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