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Closet Maid 8 Tier Wall and Door Rack Review



The garage needed some cleaning up so I bought this to go over the door for storing my sporting goods.  It was very easy to install and didn't take long to do it.

It comes with all the hardware and the instructions are simple to follow.  However, the instructions were printed on the box.  I did not like that they didn’t come on paper because the box seemed to be in the way while I was trying to assemble everything together.  Also, I am not able to store a box if I need to reference back to it in any way.  Paper instructions are easier to store and use while assembling the product.

The construction on this product is very well thought out.  The metal used is sturdy and feels solid which allows it to hold a lot of weight.  The sides of the rack are actually three interlocking pieces.  They provide pre-drilled holes and a screw at each joint so that as the rack is much mores stable, even at the lower parts of the unit.

Once the unit is set up and screwed in, it is very sturdy and holds a good amount of weight.  When opening and closing the door, the items don't shift nor does the rack move.  This was one of my main concerns with a product like this.  I did not want to hear the items shift or bang up against the door every time I would open or close it.  Because of the way this product is designed, it doesn’t move or make noise.

The shelves are all easily adjustable and you can place the shelves wherever you prefer.  This allows you to totally customize your unit based on the items you store.  It holds a lot of items and I only needed one of these to clear up a whole mess of sporting goods.  

I would've liked to see it come with one larger bin that could hold basketballs and soccer balls.  I’ve also come across other units that come with a bar in which the balls can rest on but it holds it in securely.  Overall I am very pleased with the product.

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