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Whitmor 4 Section Laundry Sorter Review


My house needed some desperate organizing and my closet was the first to get it. 

I bought this from Wal-Mart at $50, which I felt was a little expensive for a storage item at Wal-Mart.  However, I like that it could be wheel from my closet to the laundry room.  I liked that it had 4 bins for sorting instead of the standard three.  I like that it was a neutral color and would not be an eyesore.  So, with all these positives I figured this would be a good solution to storing a lot of laundry.

There was some assembly required in putting this together.  It came in a flat box so I had to screw together the pieces.  This was not a difficult task, but it took some time and a little reading out the instruction manual, which was easy to follow.  I finished screwing it together and stood it on its wheels.  Off the bat, I was not completely happy.  It seemed crooked and when I pulled or pushed it, the frame would become lopsided.  I decided to take it apart and screw it even tighter, which I did, but this didn’t seem to help much.  With the metal bars being hollow I think that I doesn’t have a very sturdy construction even with the tightened screws.

I neatly placed the bins on the frame and brought it to the closet.  I stored a great amount of clothes.  Love that!  It also looked nice in the closet with the canvas bins.  On laundry day, I wheeled the crooked organizer to the laundry room and went about unloading the laundry to the washer.  As I got deeper into the bin, the clothes seemed to stick to the canvas fabric.  It was kind of annoying because it made it difficult to pull the clothes out.  I like it when I can reach down with one hand and pull the clothes out and throw them in the washer in one swoop.  I could not do this with this organizer.  I had to use two arms; one to scoop out the clothes and the other to hold down the bin.  Not good!

I finished unloading and wheeled the cart back to the closet.  I was pretty pleased with the performance and the function that it brought in being able to do the laundry, but it had some things about it that bothered me over time.  After two years of having this solution, I replaced it with something else.  I got tired of the cheap materials, the crooked frame and the difficulty of taking the clothes out of the bins.  This $50 splurge at Wal-Mart was not worth the price even though it solved my problem in my messy closet.

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