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Cosco Umbrella Stroller Half Moon Review


Imagine pushing a grocery cart with no wheels; that is what this stroller is like.  It was terribly frustrating to push and almost became so troublesome that I no longer had any desire to use it anymore.  Let’s just say that I happened to forget it in a parking lot and I have to remorse.

The major problem with this stroller is the pushing.  When pushing with two hands I had to often correct its direction because it tended to veer off.  I found that my hands would be sore from steering as the weight of the stroller required a lot of strength.  Sometimes, as I might hold a child on my hip, I would have to steer with one hand.  This was even worse!  To keep the stroller going straight, I had to switch my hands from handle to handle.  Pushing on the left side, the pushing on the right side, and so on.  The stroller would sway back and forth as I tried my best to keep in going.  I would get so frustrated.  It was very difficult and tiring to push a stroller in this way.

I believe the wheels in the front are at fault.  Even they caused their own kind of trouble.  I noticed they would when I would stop and do something else for a minute, that they would turn to the side and make it difficult to push off going forward.  They would always want to turn.  I would then try to straighten the wheels by pushing it in the opposite direction but so much force is needed to do this that it became annoying.  Maybe, through use and wearing the wheels in, they would be better and easier to steer but I am unsure about that.

The handles are covered with a plastic covering that is bubbled for grip.  Of course it only took two weeks for those to start tearing at the seams.  By the time I had lost it, they were starting to come off altogether.  Bad design!

I have to say that the look of this stroller is quite fun.  I like the pattern on the fabric.  It is neutral and could be for a boy or a girl.  But everything else about this stroller is cheap, poor quality, and badly designed.  I’m so glad I lost this stroller.  I would much rather carry my child than have to deal with it.  It was like babysitting a dog you didn’t like.  Not a good stroller!  Pass on to the next one.

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