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Chealsy Edwards

Happiest Baby on the Block DVD Review


Once our little one was born I was not at all worried I wouldn’t know what to do or how to calm her. I mean she was the third after all. I was becoming a pro. Both of my other children were great sleepers and never very fussy at all. So naturally I thought this one wouldn’t be.  Boy was I in for a surprise.


It seems like she is always fussy. Even after I have changed her, fed her.


After seeing what a toll it was taking on me one of my dear friends gave me this DVD. Man has it changed my life.


Dr. Karp teaches you about the 5 S’s to calming your baby down. They work instantly.


I am so thankful to Dr. Karp and to my friend for this DVD.


If you just had a baby, are about to have a baby or know someone that is I highly recommend this. It will save you many nights of crying to sleep…both you and the baby.

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