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TopCare Baby Soft Diapers Review


These diapers seemed quite good at first glance.  The materials were soft and the waist-bands were pliable.  Unfortunately, they leaked around the leg and they could not be worn long.

I bought the size five and used it for both children to see how it would do on two different kids.

The advertising for these diapers is listed on a side panel of the outside package.  It claims to have stretchable grip panels, comfort stretch waist, advanced leakage protection, comfort leak guards, and a soft, cloth-like cover.

The side panels are very stretchable, yet has some elastic quality making the fit around the sides and front waist comfortable and strong. 

The comfort stretch waist is the gathered middle section on the backside of the diaper.  It is not like the grip panels because it is not elastic, but it is gathered, providing additional fit around the waist. 

The advanced leakage protection works really well.  I noticed that the diaper keeps moisture away from the skin and stores it at the core of the diaper, just as it claims, however, the comfort leak guards perform quite the opposite from the label.  I had several occurrences when the diaper leaked.  It was a frequent problem I noticed as I was trying them out.  I am not really able to explain why they leaked often but I know that the diapers had not been worn long when it happened.  That leads me to believe that it was a fit issue around the leg.  I noticed that they seem to sag in that area on both of my children.  I believe this is the weakest part of the diaper; right around the leg. 

They are very soft on the outside and they closely resemble fabric.  I like the design on the front.  The Clifford pattern is cute and fun for little ones.

I bought these on sale for  $6.99 for 27 diapers.  That is a pretty good price in my opinion, but the fit issues these diapers have are not worth buying.   I would not recommend them for others although they would do just fine if they were the only option.

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