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Top Care Baby Soft Supreme Baby Wipes Review


Rating: 6

Similar to Kirkland’s brand from Costco, they are soft, but too thin and require too many wipes for every dirty diaper.

Labeling: Each unit comes with 72 wipes (7in by 7in).  The package says they are fragrance free, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, cloth like comfort, and can be compared to Pampers Wipes.

The claims the labels make are quite accurate. Although I can’t test for hypoallergenic, they are fragrance free and alcohol-free.  There isn’t a perfume smell when you open the package but it smells fresh and clean. They feel like soft cloths which aren’t scratchy or irritating. The package is plastic with a hard plastic pop up top. The package is made of thin plastic so it collapses as you use more wipes.  This is a convenient feature for storage, but can be difficult to pull wipes out because the weight of the package does not hold down the package.  I have found that I sometimes have to tug on it a few times to get one out, especially when the wipes get towards the bottom. I also found that they can get tangled quite easily; which makes it even more difficult to remove them from the bag.

Beside the trouble the packaging causes, the wipes themselves are too thin.   Thicker wipes can clean the area quicker because they pick up the dirt with fewer swipes.  Thinner wipes cannot pick up much dirt with each stroke so I had to use more wipes for every dirty diaper and had to buy more wipes in the end.

Each wipe has a slightly raised circle pattern on it.  I believe this helps with cleaning efficiency and being able to remove the dirt.

Although the package makes removing the wipes difficult and the wipes are too thing, this brand does a good job cleaning to prevent rashes.  The moisture inside doesn’t irritate the skin yet it cleans the surface good enough.

Recommendation:  I suggest buying wipes that are thicker and can be stored in a more easy to use box.  I  still rate it a 6 because they clean well and do not cause irritating problems.


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