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Xploderz Xblaster 200 Review


I picked this up for my son during the summer.


I thought it would be a fun alternative to water guns…and he has been hounding me since he saw the commercial on TV. Do you sometimes just hate those toy TV commercials? My kids are defiantly their target market. They want everything they see.


Man, was this a huge disappointment. After waiting the 4 hours for these little gel balls to hydrate, they wouldn’t even come out of the gun. Well let me back up a bit. Once they are hydrated it seems like they designed it so that a rocket scientist would have to assemble the ammo clip onto the gun. It took us a very long time to figure it out, even then it was by dumb luck we got it on.  Then the gel balls would not come out. No matter who tried it, or how hard or soft we pulled the trigger back, they little suckers just wouldn’t come out.


My poor son was crushed.  Luckily he was quickly pacified.


Don’t bother picking one of these up for you or a kid. At $15 it is a waste of time and money.

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Xploderz Xblaster 200 Review

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