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Kirkland Dog Bed Review


At first I loved these dog beds. They smelled wonderful and looked great. Add to that that they have a cover that comes of and is machine washable.


Well, the wonderful cedar smell lasted only a few short weeks. Then it was just stinky dog bed smell.  No matter how much I washed the bed cover or my dog they would still have a stinky dog bed smell.


After the second or third wash the zipper melted so I couldn’t close the cover once I put it back on and the seams began to separate. So I had to sew it pretty much all back together.


After a few weeks of getting the bed I noticed my dog scratching a lot and some small bumps forming on him. I took him to the vet and he said it was allergies and put him on some medication…boo…..


The medication was working ok but the scratching would not go away. I went searching on the internet and found that a lot of dogs are highly allergic to cedar.  WOW I was shocked and a bit up set. I wish I had looked into it earlier; it would have saved me the nice vet bill.


I have since gotten him a new, no frills, nothing-fancy bed and his allergies seem to have gone away as has the scratching and bumps.


The bed retails for about $20-25. I wouldn’t recommend it simply because it is not worth the price of the bed and vet bill to find out your dog is allergic to cedar. 

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