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Ice Den Chandler Spring Breakaway Camp Review




*Ok, so I had to ask my kiddo to review this for me since technically he was the one that was in the camp. I stayed and watched and observed so I can give an outsiders perspective but he gave me all the dirt.*

My son has fallen in love obsession with hockey. Like go to sleep watch hockey, wake up watch hockey while batting around his puck, only wearing hockey catch my drift. So, naturally he plays hockey. He plays thru the Ice Den Chandler and over this Spring break the put on a clinic/camp for the kids to learn different skills, drills and training exercises. It was an all day event. From 8:30 a.m.. till 3:30 p.m.. they were either on the ice, in a conference room watching pervious games or doing off ice training (such as weights and sprints). He loved ever second of it. The coaching was superb! They really would hone in on technical things with each player. If a player wasn't quite getting something they would pull him (or her) aside and go one on one with them. My child learned so much form this program. I saw his skills grow and his confidence grow. If you ask him the best part was the lunch. Each day was something new and something delicious - - - lunch was included in the price of the camp.

Really the only problem I saw and really bothered my child was that it was a group camp. They mixed the younger mini-mites (about 6 years old) with the older bantam kids (about 13 years old). Not only was the age difference big but so was the skill levels between the players. The younger kids would fall a lot and the older kids would have to do everything in their power to avoid colliding with them. We really wish they would have separated them more. Other than that we loved the camp and will definitely be doing it again next year if they have it.

Now as with everything hockey it is pricey, but all things considered well worth the $270.

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