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Puckhead Hockey Club Review

What can I say this hockey club is awesome. There is so much good to say about the Puckhead Hockey Club that I can’t fit it all here but here is the summary of great points that stick out and make this so great.
Website - So many hockey rinks and clubs try to be organize but fail because they don’t have a good site. With Puckhead you can sign up for games, add funds to your account and more very easy. The site is a bit early 2000 looking but the functionality is great.
Hockey Game set up - I run a business so my schedule is unpredictable. Unlike rink leagues and other clubs a schedule of games is posted for the month and you just go right on as often as you would like and click on the dates and time you want and done. If your schedule changes you simply go to the site and cancel and you won’t be charged for the game as long as its 6 hours or more out which is totally fair.
Costs - Its $30 per game. That is about double of open hockey pick up games but totally worth it because of the flexibility and most important…..Guaranteed goalies! Good luck getting 2 goalies at even a third of the pick up games here in Arizona any way.
Game play - This part is awesome. There are 2 lines per team and its a simple 2 mins on and 2 mins off for a straight 90 mins. Thats a dream to me. Right before you are about throw up from hustling out there its time to take a quick rest and do it all over again. Love it. It allows me to get the most amazing work out while having more fun than I have ever had and with some real cool people.
Downsides - There is not much I don’t like but there are 2 things I think they can do in my opinion too make it even better. 
1. This one is a big one. I am a very competitive guy and when there is a goal in a game I want to see everyone get excited including some kind of a horn or buzzer. For some reason when there is a goal with Puckhead it is very nonchalant. It needs to be like in any other Hockey game so it feels rewarding to score.
2. There are no refs which isn’t too bad because everyone gets along great, and has fun but it would be cool if they could get one volunteer per game, even if it was a younger kid looking for free ice time who knew what they were doing that could call penalties like off sides, tripping etc and maybe even control the goal and line change buzzer. 
If you are looking for a hockey club or some pickup games In between seasons check out Puckhead Hockey Club. They are amazing.

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