These are a great on the go, low carb snack option. I love how its portion Controlled, giving you just the right amount to feel satisfied. Comes with clean ingredients, just cheese. However some of the flavored whisps, like the ranch, contain other ingredients for the flavoring, but they keep it pretty clean. Not to mention, they taste amazing. Hard to go wrong with cheese.
However I do think it is a little small serving size. It can be viewed as a good thing if you are dieting, however I felt cheated sometimes opening a bag. A few of the bags tasted chewy and stale, not sure if its on the company or amazon. Some bags had 3 whips in tact the rest were broken into crumbs, making the eating process pretty annoying. They also can be pretty pricey, but at least you are getting clean natural ingredients. Overall if you love cheese as much as I do, I highly recommend giving these a try.