I never thought I would get a bidet, but here we are now. Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made. Really good for the price for sure and probably the best I’ve come across. My dream is to have a really fancy one that heats up the water and drys you off but that requires electrical work that I don’t have in the toilet room so this is the next best thing. I really thought the water pressure wouldn’t be that great but trust me it doesn’t need to be any higher. Definitely enough to make you jump and get everything squeaky clean.
My only issue with this was their customer service. The product took for ever to arrive and pretty sure they lost it so after month plus of waiting I finally got someone to send me a new one, which still took a few weeks . They are really good at selling these and being a good product, but suck at service. Since I’m reviewing mostly the product, they get a good review but just be prepared if you are ordering directly from them. Overall, if you’ve been considering getting a bidet, this is the way to go.