My favorite feature has to be the 4 timer settings and auto Shut off, as it allows you to turn it on and not worry about turning it off. I love how this is powerful enough for a large room, a problem most diffusers have. The extra fine mist ensures no water buildup or drops on the table or counter. This also comes at an amazing price point, currently $25 on Amazon. Ultra quiet with a soft light glow, you can barely tell its there (you also do not need to have the light on to run the diffuser).
However I did find that the water can remain in the unit, and to empty it you should unplug it but the plug is on the bottom so it is a balancing act to make sure the water doesn’t spill out. After, you have run it to get any remaining water and oil loose. Another small thing I noticed is that you can’t not really tell the difference between low and high mist. Other than that, I highly recommend this diffuser.