Absolutely the best olive oil I have tasted yet!

This one of a kind olive oil caught my eye at the store because of its color.  It was different than the other brands because it seemed to be missing the clear liquid quality that its competitors have.  On the label is a stamp that claims “Organic.  All natural unfiltered.”  This explains why the oil looks different.  The company describes this on their label, which reads, “Paesanol is undecanted: it appears cloudier and greener and is more herbaceous and pizzicante in flavor.” This reassured me that the merky color would add taste and is not an indication of poor quality olive oil.

The olives that make this oil are grown organically, and harvested by hand in October.

I love its taste.  I used it in much of my cooking and it is so flavorful.  When I tasted it for the first time, I was really impressed with its depth of flavor.  Not like the lesser quality oils that seem to be watered down, this one was velvety and wonderfully rich.  It has a hint of earthiness to it, but it is not off putting in any way.  I actually think that it makes it better tasting.  I love the unfiltered quality of it and I know that when I use the other olive oils my dishes don’t come out the same.

Friends and family who have eaten this oil are equally excited about its flavor.  I’ve given bottles away for gifts on holidays and celebrations.  They make a great gift!  It is always well received, even though many people are taken back by its appearance.  But, they all seem to be really happy with it in the end.

The bottle I have has 1 liter of oil in it.  Between the pastas, dipping for breads, salad dressings, flavor for meats, and many other things, it has lasted about two months.

This olive oil is highly recommended.  Not just for home cooking, this would make a great gift.  It looks authentic and quite special.  I love this oil and the flavor it has added to my food!