We were looking for a collar that would help train and keep our new puppy out of trouble. I stumbled across this one from Dog Care and was instantly drawn in by the price point ($40, on the cheaper end for shock collars). Upon receiving it I found that the long range signal was perfect. If I was inside and saw my puppy getting into some trouble in the backyard, I was able to activate it without stepping foot outside.
However that’s the only big positive I could find. I found that it has a very short battery life. It also doesn’t work very well for dogs with thick hair, mine being a German Shepard and she grew her coat very fast. You just need to have the collar on too tight for the shock to get thru all the fur, which just make the dog uncomfortable. I also found there was a delay when pressing the button on the remote to the time the dog gets the beep or shock. Do not get if you have a dog that loves the water. This is NOT water proof. Our dog loves the water and we have to keep the collar off because she is always jumping into the pool. Not to mention after about 2-3 weeks, this just totally stopped working, could be because of the water but it would not take a recharge. Overall if you are on a budget looking for a training collar, this could be worth a shot. Other than that I recommend spending a little more on these for the better quality.