Arizona High School hockey has expanded majorly in the last couple of years, and Hamilton High School is establishing their name as one of the top competitors. I myself played for the school for 3 out of the 4 years of high school, and I think this program has good potential. I played for both the varsity and junior varsity team, and both teams were a dramatically different atmosphere. The program gave 2-3 ice times a week, one being a practice and the others being games. The coaching staff was amazing, full of skill and knowledge with every coach having played high level hockey. This particular season, the D1 varsity team won the state championship, and this year truly established Hamilton as a school to be dealt with.

I did have a few problems with how the team was run however. They dramatically picked favorite players and would give them plenty of ice time compared to other players on the team. There would be times that in regular season games some players would only get a shift a period. I fully understand that a good team plays their good players, however the coaches were preventing the lower skilled players from getting game experience.

Overall, I loved my time playing for Hamilton, however the future seems rocky for the school with most of the skilled players and coaches having left. I still highly recommend this schools hockey program.