A few years back I found an absolutely beautiful rental. It is called the Casa Coronado and is offered by 710 Beach Rentals. First thing that came to my mind was there is NO WAY we could afford this place. But my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check it out. I was surprised by how reasonable the price was. Especially when compared to a few others around.  The next year we decided to rent it for our trip to the beach.

I was blown away by the beauty of this place. It was impeccably clean, a ton of high-end amenities (enormous TVs in each room, top of the line appliances to name a few) and the out door BBQ set up….holly cow…. a dream. We cooked/ grilled every night. Then there is the location. It couldn’t be better. It is just south of Belmont Park; so it is close to shops but far enough away from crowds.

It is such a beautiful place. I was in heaven. I thought this would be our best year at the beach yet. Boy was I disappointed. When we arrived at the rental there was a car parked in the spot that was supposed to be designated to the rental. I had to call management to get someone to move it. When we finally were able to try to fit our car into the “2 parking spaces” we just barley fit. There was just enough room to get out of the car if we hadn’t eaten and sucked it in.

Then as we are removing all our stuff to put in the rental, we noticed a bunch of trash cans….ok??? Come to find out while you are renting the property, you are responsible to take the whole complexes trash cans out….because they are right by your back door and so is your parking spot. So you have to move your car take the trash out to the curb…cram your car back in the spot. Then repeat after the trash has been picked up. Say what????

But again, once we stepped in the rental the beauty and view blew us away. We were willing to put it aside and just deal.

Upon waking the first morning I get a call from the management company telling us that we need to immediately remove the beach cruisers (bikes) from inside the rental. That they need to be left outside at night. Now I don’t know about you all but I am not a fan of having my stuff stolen….or have to worry about it while on vacation.

At this point we are starting to get a bit annoyed. But…again, the view got to us….we went down to the bike shop and purchased a chain to lock them all together and to a table.

Then I was woken again the next morning to what sounded like elephants attempting to dance while rearranging their furniture. Called the management company….no answer. Yet another time I took a deep breath and tried my hardest to let it go.

Lets jump to a few more days waking up with the noise and toss in some really bad music to go with it. I was DONE and will forever be done! We went home a day early just to finally get some sleep. The lack of help from the management company on top of the noises and parking and trash….

I do not and will not ever recommend this place to anyone. Even more so I will never rent from 710 beach rentals again.