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Philips Insight Wireless Monitor M100D/37 Review


I wanted to purchase something so that I can monitor my home while away. Whether it be on vacation, running errands or while someone is watching my kids.

I searched and searched for a good cost conscious system and came upon the Philips In.Sight Wireless Monitor M100D/37. It is a browser-based monitoring system using any web browser. It has an encrypted direct network for secure connection.


The top selling points for me are that I can monitor my home from my iPhone/iPad anywhere at any time. I cannot only monitor with video but with sound. It also offers built-in noise and motion detection alerts. You can set it to record to your private YouTube account when it goes off. Fantastic for when you are away from your home. Another plus for me was that it came with 2 monitors. Most others came with only one. So I get double the spy power.


I don’t like that it is not Hi-def. Also, when it does alert you it is just a simple ding, similar to one you might get when you get a text or mail on your phone. I would have liked something more alerting.


Set up was easy.  It only to me (the technology challenged) a few minutes to do. I simply downloaded the app and entered the QR code and placed the cameras where I wanted. The magnetic base made it very easy to make adjustment in viewing directions.


At around $230 for the system, I would recommend this to anyone. 

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