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Case Mate Glam Sparkle Case for iPhone 4 Review



I saw this case on my mom’s phone and I knew immediately that I wanted the same one.  It is darling on the phone and so stylish.

Because of my job, my phone goes many places, gets dropped a lot, is around food, is slid over rough surfaces, etc. When I had to replace my last phone because of the damage it acquires through out the day, I planned to also get a case for it.  This one goes so well with the white iPhone that I had recently purchased. 

The glam color is showcased on the back of the case with glitter.  It is covered with some type of coating so the surface is smooth, but the glitter back has a really neat dimension to it.

I easily put the phone in the case without any problems.  There is a cutout on the back for the camera and flash.  I liked how it was easier for me to hold it in my hand, and also when I talked on it while it rested on my shoulder.

The best part about it is the protection it provided my phone.  I had the case for about five months before the corners broke off.  My phone hits the floor every other day so the corners of the case took a beating quite often.  They finally chipped off a couple of weeks ago and I happily plan on ordering another one.  Amazingly, there has been no damage to my phone with these drops as the case took all the impact.  The back of the case has been scratched in several places.  You can’t see them because the texture of the glitter hides it all.  The only reason I know that the scratches are there is because I can feel them.  The case protected my phone against these scratches and I am so glad that I bought it.

I love this case.  It protected my phone from drops, scratches, and dirty hands.  My white iPhone has kept its nice white color and has not dents or scratches underneath the case.  It is so cute and the glitter backing adds more style.

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