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Mellisa Magros

Westinghouse HDTV Rview


Great TV for an even better price.


We chose to go with a 40” and it is the perfect size. The screen is just big enough for a wall mount but small enough if we decided to use the detachable base for a table top TV.


The picture is perfectly crisp and sound is out of this world.  Only down side it is took us a while to adjust the picture and sound to our liking. A lot of back and forth between the preferences; but once tuned it this TV has fit right into our house.


I was surprised by how light the TV was when we put it up on our wall. I thought for sure we would need at least 3-4 adults just by the sheer size but just two of us were able to do it with no problems at all.


At just under $400 you cant beat it.

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