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MIRA 17oz Water Bottle Review

I am always looking for ways to stay hydrated and having a cute water bottle helps. I found this MIRA 17oz stainless water bottle on Amazon for a good price. I really loved the variety of colors and designs they have to offer. The double wall insulation helped to keep my drink cold pretty much all day (even in the Arizona heat). The width of it was a plus too. This water bottle was able to fit both in my backpack side compartment and my car cup holder.

The reason I rated this so low is because once I washed it, yes in the dishwasher, the plastic color wrap around the bottle started to peel off after 2 washes. After a few more uses and washes the opening begins to rust. I also found that while driving it was difficult to drink even with the narrow mouth; it is much easier to have a straw. After a while I found myself constantly having to refill it, which became a pain. I have since had to get a larger size.

If you don't need a lot of water this is a good find. 

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