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Chealsy Edwards

Williams Sonoma Gravy Separator


I am madly in love with this kitchen utensil.


I got it specifically for Thanksgiving, but have found I can use it for so much more than simply making gravy.


With the unique design and removable strainer (which eliminates the need for a separate sieve), fat easily rises to the top and the very low spout pours out all of the good flavorful juices.


An added bonus is that this heat-resistant borosilicate glass is marked with ounces and milliliter measurements, so you know how much you are getting.


In addition to all this wonderful-ness it is dishwasher safe. This automatically gives it high marks in my book. I hate to hand wash dishes.


The box did say that is was flameproof, freezer and oven safe, but the glass is very delicate and I would not recommend it.


They run about $24-28 each, and worth the money.

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