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Robert Kline

2007 Polaris Ranger XP Review


This thing turned out to be a fantastic investment.


I won’t bother you with all the details, but Ill just say that one weekend when the family and a few friends when out, some one got stuck and this little guy was able to pull the SUV out of the mud (with the added winch)….pretty cool huh?


When we purchased the 2007 Polaris Ranger XP we got a lot of extras that I wouldn’t necessarily get again. For example the back cargo dump. We just don’t use it as much as we thought we would. The snow plow attachment would have been a much wiser decision.  


The tire package we added I would defiantly not do again (I believe it was the wrec 14-inch rim with pro comp extreme). When we went on above mentioned camping trip, we took the Ranger for a quick joy ride….big mistake. The dust flew up into the cab and turned everyone about 20 shades darker with dirt. When we got home we found out from the dealer that this was caused by the tire package we got. Gee thanks for the warning.


Also we got the Browning exterior edition. Yet another thing I would not do again. It just was not necessary for us.


We would get the Lock and Ride cargo box again. It was so useful to store items either from the quick trips to the store or the rocks and sticks that are essential after going on a ride with the kids.  The black Lock and Ride sport roof was also a great add.


We added on the flip poly windshield and sport roof…good investment. No bugs or rock nailed us in the face


All in all it is a great addition to our family.

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